The Builder


Blu Shields Construction is a division of Energy Solution Homes and is proudly made up of all family members.

Blu Shields Construction (Blu and Pat Shields; Andrea and Oscar Urbina)

Energy Solution Homes (Patrick Henderson)

Bay Area Landscaping & Aquatics (Mike Weekly and Patti Henderson)

They are deeply committed to the design and construction of quality, high-energy efficient homes built within the remarkable timeframe of 30 to 45 days – homes that are affordable and generate low monthly electric bills. They are also committed to providing their clients with a home that will accommodate their needs as they age (all homes are ADA accessible). Because Blu Shields Construction maintains a low profit margin, they are able to produce a high volume of new construction. Therefore, the homes they build will always appraise higher than what Shields charges to build them. (100% financing is available in some circumstances.)

There are still 3,000 uninsured families within Galveston County who need homes built within the next few years. Shields’ hope is to unite all builders and train them to build in the manner that has helped so many families achieve their dream. The Shields’ family expertise combined with the heart and soul of their principles, have brought hundreds of families back home who were affected by Hurricane Ike.

Our Mission Statement:

Our mission has always been to help our fellow man. We are particularly interested in helping families in the medium to low income range become homeowners. After the devastation brought to our area by Hurricane Ike, we saw the immediate need of so many families. We have reached out to help all who have come our way – from remodeling to new construction, offering guidance and consolation. It is our deepest hope that all Ike victims can eventually return home. The elderly and the poor have suffered the most, and we feel called by God to help them in every way possible. Through His grace, and the people who have come to our own aid, we have been able to accomplish this. For the people we have helped and especially for the people we have not yet helped, our life’s vision is dedicated to them.

Our Vision Statement:

We have always been a family owned and operated business. All four daughters (Billi Henderson, Cheri Henderson, Patti Henderson and Andrea Urbina) have worked with us through the years to make us who we are today. Twenty-nine years ago God answered our prayers and let us keep our first born granddaughter who was not expected to live. We knew from that point in our lives that family was first and foremost. We decided to take this blessing and spend our time helping everyone we possibly could. Our lives are dedicated in doing all we can for others in need. Now, we have our grandchildren assisting in the family business. They were raised with this same commitment for family and others. We hope our legacy to be through these children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to continue with this commitment for all time.

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