The Family

Congratulations to the Beach family on getting a brand new home!


The home was completed by a team of vendors and volunteers led by Blu Shields Construction, designed to fit the needs of the Beach family. In 23 years of marriage, Larry, 40 and Melissa, 40; have fostered over 85 children that other adoption agencies were not able to place. They have four biological children and nine adopted children. They include Chris (23,), Michael (21), Jose (20), Mikala (18), Paul (14), Faith (13), Hope (9), Justin (8), Jacob (4), Grace (4), Jeremiah (23 months), Mercy (22 months) and Cody (19) currently serving in the Marine Corps in Afghanistan. During the last 12 years, they have fostered approximately 85 children, but decided to start adopting after seeing that so many were not being placed in homes.

Due to water damage from Hurricane Ike, the Beach family home was unlivable and they were residing in a travel trailer on their property, making it impossible for them to adopt additional children. But all of that has changed!!